Pattern 1841 Royal Sappers & Miners, &/or Royal Artillery Carbine

By: W.S. Curtis

Introducing a quite rare British longarm: The Pattern 1841 Royal Sappers & Miners, &/or Royal Artillery Carbine

This comes from the design of George Lovell and is the ultimate smoothbore.

The 30 inch barrel is in the new Reduced Bore of .733, a reduction of .020 from the Regulation .753 of the Infantry Musket but intended to still use the same cartridge loaded with a ball of .685.

Barrel by Millward, lock by William Partridge, assembled by J. Cook, stocked by S. Butler, main contractor Potts & Hunt.

Bayonets fitted with the Lovell lug are different from the usual Lovells as they have sockets four inches long instead of the usual three inches. Those for the Artillery had the common infantry triangular blade but for the Sappers used a long flat sword blade.

In the Crimea the Sappers used this firearm model but the Royal Artillery were equipped with the new Pattern 1853 Carbine Rifled with 24 inch barrel in .577.

This Carbine carries the B/|\O stamp on the right side of the butt, but worn down by use. On the left side of the butt there is another similar mark much fresher and seen on other arms from Irish Ordnance.

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